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Born and raised in Northern California Penny Shepherd is a true Real Estate specialist. Penny knows both the ins and outs of the areas as well as the needs of buyers and sellers here. She understands all that Northern California has to offer and why this is the most desirable area on planet Earth! Penny has found her life’s passion in Real Estate. She has always been a people person and loves to help anyone she can. Penny takes great pride in giving back & paying it forward to her “Heroes” year after year. She has proudly helped many fire, police, teachers, veterans and others in the medical field buy & sell homes while saving them money as well as first time buyers and sellers, absentee owners and many, many others. Penny has dedicated herself to this cause because she is proud of our Heroes and wants to show her support. Having owned many homes throughout the past thirty five years, Penny knows the area better than most. She works her real estate business full-time and is always available to listen to clients’ needs, concerns and offer knowledgeable market information.